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>> good morning. developing news a s.w.a.t team just swarmed into an oakland neighborhood. ktvu is live at the scene. >> she's accused of a crime that shocked the nation. a sacramento mom charged with killing her baby. >> s. a man accused of stealing a picasso will be in court in a couple of hours, but i just got off the phone with the police department and we will tell you what they're saying this morning. >> oakland unveiled the latest to fight crime focused on the biggest morning spots. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you: welcome. e. the mornings on 2. i'm dave
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clark. >> it is friday, july 15th. this morning, the city of oakland launches a new campaign to fight crime. the district will soon be blanketed with crime cameras. the city is installing 30 high definition cameras, strategically positioned to keep a watchful eye on the area's trouble spots. some of those will go up in the spot where a popular restaurant owner was shot to death last april. the death is still unsolved. a shored time ago we spoke to -- short time ago we spoke to his son-in-law. >> i am very happy for the cameras. >> what do you think they will do. >> it is more safety for the business. april's killing of the restaurant owner prompted protests on the streets of oakland. many were local business owners demanding more police protection. time is now 7:01.
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a sacramento woman accused of the microwave death of her baby is reportedly pregnant again. 29-year-old is accused of killing her six week old daughter r in march. she appeared in court for an arraignment yesterday. she said she didn't know what happened because she had a seizure and woke up to find her baby dead next to her. her mother claims she's prone to seizures and is not the kind of person who could kill her daughter. >> a woman is in jail this morning after turning herself into police for a child abduction in morgan hill. back on may 31st, someone stole a car that was parked outside of a morgan hill catholic church. a one month old baby girl was in backseat. now police found the car and the baby. the baby was unharmed several hours later. now the chronicle reports that she surrendered to morgan hill
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police on monday. she's 33. she's now facing kidnapping, child engage rment and theft charges. police are still searching for a second suspect. 7:02. we are following developing news a short time ago a s.w.a.t team converged on an open neighborhood. we will no now to the police command post. good morning, craig. >> >> reporter: good morning. it is actually i a san francisco s.w.a.t team operation. they were just staging at the gas station at the intersection. the operation is taking place not at this location but a few blocks away from herement we want don't what give away too much information. what i know is that this is a high risk warrant, san francisco called up oakland and asked them if they want today be the ones to serve that warrant. oakland declined. i heard that's because they had a couple of other operations going on today, and perhaps with three going on the at the same time they wouldn't be able to handle all of those. but right now, high risk
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warrant being served or about to be served by san francisco s.w.a.t team members in oakland. and we will have another update for you very, very soon. the lieutenant is going to talk to me in a couple of minutes and i will give you that information. reporting live in oakland, channel 2 news. 7:03. also new this morning the man accused of walking off with a picasso drawing will appear in court this morning. he is now suspected of another art heist on the other side of the country. ktvu just spoke to new jersey investigators and she joins us live now to let us know what she has learned. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. mark has a lot on his plate, certainly he will be here in a san francisco courtroom, but his problems here just the beginning. i just got off the phone with the police department. i got more information about there. first his case here. this is surveillance video which allegedly caught him in san francisco earlier this month leaving an art gallery
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allegedly with a $200,000 picasso drawing. he was arrested for that and in the days that followed police back east realized hey this may be the same guy responsible for stealing a $350,000 picasso from a hotel there. so apparently they compared the surveillance video there with the surveillance video here, but the icing on the cake was also a phone call. he had himself made to a friend in pennsylvania from the san francisco county jail. just a few minutes ago, detective anthony described that call for me. >> also, while he was incarcerated in california, he used the phone from the jail which are monitored, they're monitored. he called a female who lives in pennsylvania , and he said to her that she's going to be receiving a fed expackage with keys to his apartment in it. and there's going to be instructions in there. he needs her to remove certain items from his apartment.
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>> so that call led to a search warrant at his apartment. they went in, the first thing they found was that stolen paintings and six others. it doesn't stop there. he's wanted for a case where he's accused of stealing wine from a liquor store. these are still photos of him leaving that store back in april. he's accused of stealing bottles of wine for that store. two bottles valued at $2,000 a bottle. certainly a lot on had his plate. he has to take care of business here first. i talked to the new jersey folks they said they will push this case to new york. but everyone is waiting for him to finish up here before they deal with him back there. all right. thank you. time is now 7:06: policece say one man is to blame for a recent spike? graffiti. -- he's accused of more than 13
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graffiti crimes last month. he told police some of his friends have been tagging as well but he wouldn't give up their names. police are still out there serging for them. state officials rejecting an application to change the name of black mountain in county. the late owner handed in an application to change it to alexander mountain. it sits above the 5400-acre estate just north of santa rosa. they claim the name would honor pioneer alexander but because of several reason including citizen opposition and the appearance of an al alternate motive, to promote alexander mountain wine. >> it is 7:07. at 8:00 this morning, president obama will hold his second news conference this week on race in the u.s. debt ceiling. also allot 7:15. a live report from a washington
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dc newsroom on what congressional leaders are doing this morning at the urging of the president. police are investigating a crude explosive device found on a high school campus. officers were called to the high school yesterday morning and found what they're calling a bottle bomb. that's when common chemical solutions are sealed in a bottle causing the pressure inside to buildup and eventually burst. a neighbor reported hearing a muffled explosion but it has not been determined if it had been detonated. no one was hurt. san francisco police are searching for two men who threw powder in another man's face while robbing him at gun point. it happened at 11:00 on wednesday night in the mission district. police say one of the suspect is had a gun and the other threw powder into the 38-year- old victim's eyes. he was knocked to the ground. the suspects took his phone and wallet. his injuries are not life- thereto ening. a washington state man is
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being allowed to watch child pornography while he sits in jail. and it is entirely legal. mark gilbert is acting as his own lawyer for his child pornography case. that means he has the legal right to view all of the evidence against him. and some of the evidence includes the hour of child pornography he's accused of selling. lawyers say there's just no way around the law because of washington's constitution. >> people can have whatever opinions they want. the law says that he's allowed to do what he's doing. unless you want to change the constitution. a washington state senator is now trying to change the law so this does not happen again. >> a big chunk of money to -- the federal department of health and human services awarded them almost half a million dollars and that will pay for two new mobile clinics which will provide health care
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to an extra 1900 students. these new clinics are expected to begin operating within the next year. >> >> san francisco's supervisors will consider changing the city's health care security law. now city hall officials say about $40 million at san francisco businesses paid into a health care reimbursement account for uninsured workers it wasn't used last year. those officials say the businesses took the money back. they want to change the system. so that unused money would have to be rolled over to the following year. some business leaders say that could lead to a loss of jobs in san francisco. all right. speaking of san francisco, let's check in for traffic. how are things trying to cross the bay bridge. >> the metering lights are on. give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes. in the south bay this is the second biggest hot spot. stop and go on the right hand side, northbound toward the airport. at the bridge, traffic is
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flowing nicely right there, and in the opposite direction toward hayward. traffic is slow along 101. 7:10 let's check in with steve. >> that would be steve. i just talked to you about ten minutes ago. how soon they forget. how soon they forget. >> happy friday everybody. just looking at the visible satellite. there are breaks in the clouds you need sunlight to get the visible sunlight. there's a lot of fog out there. there's a lot of fog. temperatures will stay stuck which is below average. the heat continues in the country. some fog as well but it is a low overcast. if you get the sun it will be breezy and temperatures below arching. there's not much change into the weekend, fog, sun, breezy, slightly warmer but a forecast digs another system into northern california on monday. so i don't see much change. everyone wants to keep warming things up. until you see the white of it eye, why go with it? it is not happening.
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temperatures continue to be cool not only high but low. 44 this morning, kenwood 45. mill valley, 46 and up to 47. napa is closer to town, 48. and i kept looking for the peninsula. finally morgan hill at 49. there's too much in the way of low clouds. you need breaks to get those. there's patchy clouds. it is rather solid. peninsula. south bay and also for the east bay. everything is being enhanced by that system. the pacific northwest. we had upper 40s as wellment they're now 50. but 52 napa airport and also the mid-50s everywhere else. west southwest fairfield, southwest, southwest backville. west southwest to oakland. west southwest at s. f. o. you have get the message. there it is, but look at this right behind it is the next system. so the pattern just keeping going. we stay cool.
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fog, sun, breezy. windy through the bay and delta. another cool pattern. 74 for -- i mean sasoon and fairfield, 78 antioch. walnut creek 72. morgan hill 77. free monte 8. redwood and -- the city upper 50sful it is very low 60s. there's not much change for the next three to five days. if you are joining google plus yet? in just two weeks the new social network already has 10 million members and wait until you hear how many it might have by the end of this weekend. rates of violent crime down in one part of mexico. why some are doubting this report. >> a volcano overseas has residents running for cover. this is not the first time in recent days.
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>> good morning. some breaks in the clouds but there's a lot of low clouds. temperatures staying cool. it will be in the 70s inland with a breeze or 60s by the coast. temperatures are below average. 7:15. happening right now, a news conference in washington dc. members of congress talking about the prioritized spending acts, and this is eric house majority leader. let's listen in to what he has to say. >> to see if that could be implemented. we called for $6.2 trillion in cuts over ten years. in current discussions at the white house, the president and the democrats are offering perhaps 1.5 trillion, the number keeps moving but perhaps. there's a big difference.
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so, the talk or some of the reports have indicated that somehow republicans haven't given. now, i will just tell you that's not true. we are at 6.2 trillion, they're at # 1.5 trillion at best. that's just the way it is. >> you have been listening live to eric can'ter talking about the efforts between the republican and democratic leaders to try to reach a compromise in order to raise the debt ceiling. he said that republicans are negotiating and they want 6.2 trillion in cut, democrats 1.5 trillion. it is still a long way apart. we will be monitor ing this and give you an update shortly. they're talking about this prioritized spending act. it is a just-in-case proposed bill that would prioritize how poo to spend money if it is not increased. the top priority is keep paying off the national debt to avoid
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default. after that the legislation called for continued pay for the military, social security, and medicare. time now is 7:17. just about 45 minutes from now, president obama will hold the second news conference this week about the looming deadline surrounding the national debt limit. as ktvu allison burns reports, these negotiations are stalled. allison? >> reporter: that's right. as house speaker john banner put it there were just too many people in the room to reach a deal so the talks are off for today. >> while democrats and republicans played in the annual congressional baseball game, talks at the white house broke down again last night. congressional leaders and the president only agreed to regroup with their parties today and possibly meet with each other again this weekend. in an interview with ktvu, scott mcfarland the president indicated he would keep fighting for a deal that includes tax increases. >> you can't ask for sacrifices
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from working people who haven't seen a raise in some cases for a decade. and not ask anything from folks like myself who can afford to do a little bit more. >> and now let's get back to a live picture from that news conference with house republican leaders. we are not hearing any new proposals from them today. but speaker banner so far has reiterated that no deal will include tax increase ares in a senate leader are also working out the deals of mitch mcconnell's plan, it is being called plan b it would give president obama power to temporarily raise the debt creeling and pave the way for budget cuts. reporting live from washington dc, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, allison. we asked people here in the bay area what they think about the
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increasingly hot debate over the debt ceiling. we got some strong reaction. >> you would hope people you elect to office who get paid such significant amount of money would be able to come to a consensus. it is embarrassing that these people are representatives. >> i think we should get rid of all the politicians and put real people in congress. >> again, president obama is scheduled to give an update at 8:00 this morning. we will have live coverage of the president's remarks when he starts speaking. the state government shut down in minnesota is now entering the third week, but it does appear to be ending. the governor, a democrat says he and republican law makers have a frame work for an agreement. as part of the shut down, more than 22,000 state workers were laid off and state parks were closed. >> time is now 7:20. california's presidential primary may be moved back to june to try to save the state some money. state senate approved the bill
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that would move the primary from february to june. this bill now goes to the governor. they shifted the primary to february for the 2008 elections to try to increase california political influence. law makers say moving it back to june would save about $100 million since it would allow the presidential primary to be held on the same day as the state-wide primary. former new york mayor rudy giuliani says he has not ruled out a second run for the presidency. he told republicans in new hampshire he isn't convinced the declared field of republican candidates can beat president obama. he will make a final decision in late august. well folsom state prison is on lock down while they inve gait -- the nurse activated the personal alarm on wednesday afternoon. she was later found inside one of that prisons medical offices. now officials are trying to
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determine if the assault was sexual or whether the attack occurred during a medical appointment. yesterday a prison lieutenant told ktvu that they're not ruling out the possibility that more than one inmate may have been involved. new data analysis shows that rapes of violent crime along the u.s. mexico border have actually been falling for years. usa today looked at more than a decade of crime data from arizona, new mexico, texas as well as federal crime at that statistic and found that u.s. border cities were safer than other cities in the states. but critics are expressing doubt because many crimes go unreported and the federal data does not include kidnapping and extortion. >> more data suggests a sharp decline in people crossing into the u.s. illegally. a trend of immigrants returning home. it also documented falling
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birth rates. in 1960, the birth rate f roughly 8 children per women of child bearing years. in 2009, it had dropped to 2.4 children. and this morning people who live in east san jose will be protesting in sacramento. they're going to the california citizens redistricting. they object to the latest proposal that splits east san jose into three districts. they say it greatly reduces the political influence of the largely latino community. the time is 7:23. the reason a family claims the bakery caused a woman's death. the white house has just announced the official u.s. delegations. this weekend a former first daughter is among those on the list. . traffic is row flowing nicety at the 288 interchange. we have a accident on the peninsula we want to mention coming up.
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>> it is 7:25. the family of a deceased woman is suing the bakery and the city of san francisco after a bakery employee reportedly knocked 71-year-old sonya to the ground when a bread cart breaking her shoulder. this happened in april 2010 at s. f. o. where she worked at a security guard. the lawsuit claims the condition continued to get worse after that accident and led to her death eight months later. time now is 7:26. the u.s. women's soccer team was hoping that president obama would fly to germany had sunday to cheer them on in the world cup finals. but the president as you know is bogged down with the national debt ceiling talk. so just within the last hour, the white house hah announced the u.s. delegation that will be going to frankfort, germany. it will be low by jill biden, and guess what chelsea clinton is also on the list. the u.s. team faces off against japan.
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that's after their big 3-1 victory against france on wednesday. i think they're expected to win over japan but a lot of people say japan is really trying hard to win to give a boost for the country after the earthquake and tsunami and everything. all right. 7:26. we want to check in again with tara, and there's an accident on the peninsula and traffic has it in san francisco. so you are busy. >> reporter: we have a very large box bus that is blocking a lane in san francisco. if we look at the map we can show you where. it is right off 280 near college park lot. traffic is backed up on to the ocean avenue from 280. we also have a car crash, a two car crash down the peninsula. it looks like a tow truck is on the scene here. there may be injuries. we are not sure but it look like it is in the clearing stages. >> and finally at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a little back up. it extends there almost back to the parking lot. but it has picked up a little
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bit. give yourself an extra 15 minute. >> >> all right. let's check in. thank you. happy friday everybody. a cool pattern all week long and i don't see much change as we go into the weekend. there's a lot of low clouds, very deep fog continues to give us below average temperatures and doesn't look like it is going to budge. highs in the middle of the country show no signs of building back maybe slightly but until then, 50s or 40s for some if you don't have the fog and one system moves out. another one drops in to take its place. stying cool and also out to the delta as well. temperatures good 15 degrees below average inland. 5 to 10 closer to the coast. that translates into 50s, 60s and 70s for everybody. there could be slight warm ago way from coast but not a lot. i think the patterns in place and it is showing those signs of breaking down until maybe middle of next week. the time is 7:28. we have developing news as we speak, a s.w.a.t team from san francisco involved in a very intense man hunt across the bay
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in oakland. >> also, the moving day nightmare for a family just settling into the new bay area home.
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it is 7:31. a s.w.a.t team from san francisco is involved in an intense man hunt across the bay
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in oakland. we will go live near the police command post. good morning, craig. >> reporter: that was at 55th and martin luther king. it is empty right now because the operation is over. san francisco s.w.a.t team was out here with per mig of the oakland s.w.a.t team here to serve a high risk warrant. the actual swerving the warrant happened south of here down the street. i don't know exactly where. but they said when they went to the home where they thought he would be, he wasn't there and they wrapped up and moved on. actually san francisco police can give the first right of refusal as to whether or not oakland wanted to serve the warrant. oakland declined because they two other operations going on. they let the san francisco s.w.a.t team come. they were not able to because the person wasn't home. reporting live from oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. a family that just moved into their new home may soon have to find a new place to
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live. an overnight fire caused major damage to the new victorian home. it started shortly after 10:00 p.m. at foothill boulevard. firefighters managed to get the flames under control within a few minutes but not before the damage was done. people are moveing into the second floor today. today was moving day. we displayed the first floor residents in the secondary unit. >> one person was treated for smoke inhalation. investigators are still searching for the cause. dozensover people are homeless this morning following an apartment fire in san francisco. it started late yesterday afternoon in the city's laural heights neighborhood. no one was hurt but the fire caused major damage. one person tells us a plumber accidentally started the fire while using a torch to fix a leek. 7:33. a man whose body was fan near a golf course was not the victim
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of foul play. a fisherman found the body on wednesday in coyote creek. it is still not clear how had e died. the body was badly decomposed. that will make identifying the remain more difficult. police in oakland releasing new information about a burned body found in the up scale rock ridge neighborhood. a man walking found a woman's body near highway 24. they now think she may have been killed some place else and put on fire. police are not giving the name of the victim until her family members are notified. it is 7:34. several community groups are coming together in san jose today to protest the city's decision to bring two immigration agents into the police force. the i. c. e. are part of operation community shield. chris moore says they're helping fight gangs. but critic say they will harass
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the immigrant community. a news conference is scheduled for 11:00 this morning at the head quarters for sacred heart community service. a march will be held in san francisco this evening, supporting prison inmates on a hunger strike. vigil was held outside of the almeda county courthouse yesterday in support of the prisoners who started the strike two weeks ago. almost 700 inmates from five prisons are now refusing meals. they're calling for an end to isolation units. this is the largest coordinated prison protest in state history. >> california is now the first state in america to require public schools to teach studies about gay history. the land mark legislation f signed yesterday. so beginning in 2015 social study classes will have to include curriculum about the contributions made by the
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lesbian. >> i think it is only appropriate gay people are also included, they're part of our history and heritage as a country. and that's the right thing to do. >> but not everybody agrees with that. the conservative groups safe says parents rights are being trampled by this decision and they're urging parents to take their children out of approximate public schools. 7:35. nasa astronauts are talking about the final mission today. we will go live to the field where the press conference was broadcast live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that ended just a few minutes ago. a talk back with astronauts at the internatural station center. i got a personal thrill. i got to ask mission specialist a question this morning. he's in nasa. he's in space, and i am here at fa nasa research center.
7:37 am
-- nasa research center. >> just the simple thing like floating and flying and zero gravity is amazing. everybody dreams about where you can fly. here you can do it and your dreams can come true. >> specialist rex is a part of moving day-to-day, atlantis main mission as it goes up to the stays station and supplies to last a year or so. today we heard from astronauts and what they thought about the future of space exploration and a handful of experiencing, they took up to space with them. this morning talk began begin at 6:24 this morning and started with questions from the johnson is and houston that wrapped up as i mentioned a few minutes ago, 20 minutes ago. the astronauts will soon hear from president brack o barack obama, to focus on human space flight, and those say space flights will continue in conjunction with the russian space program and there will be
7:38 am
a focus on commercial companies headed into space. johnston interesting a historical moment to hear astronauts describe their day what it was like the to look and see down so many different stories. we will bring a few of those to you in just about an hour for mornings on 2. we will have more coming up. ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. the time is now 7:38. can you believe it the harry potter movie are coming to an end. the final harry potter movie premiered at midnight. people all across the country packing the movie theaters. but at 7:48. pam cook will come whack with us and talk -- back with us and talk about the record this new movie could break. it is amags.
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all right. 7:28. let's check in on the accident on the peninsula. >> reporter: the phd just opened one lane that had been blocked due to the earlier accident. traffic has picked up. that's good news. we have a two car crash in liver moore on 581. a tow truck is on scene, so it a peer traffic is doing better. at the 88 o split traffic is slow going 280 northbound toward santa county of los collar r are -- definitely give yourself an extra 0 minutes if you are -- 20 minutes. >> 7:39. >> lots of low clouds, fog, some breaks but no many. it is very close to what we had yesterday. just roll it over which means temperatures stay cool. it might be a little warmer afternoon highs into the weekend but still below arch. chilly, low clouds, 44 to 58 on the low temperatures by noon,
7:40 am
55 to 70. al the wind not going anywhere. it is it is still west southwest. 58 to 78. breezy and sunny on 78. now the last couple of days i was showing temperatures normal for this time of year and the forecasted highs for inland about 10 to 15 below. mountain view 78. that should be the high. oakland 72. forecasted high 74. it should be 68. we will go 60. not only are the highs cool. but the lows, kenwood 45. also in there, mill valley 46. napa in town closer to town, 48. i couldn't find any other 40s for the eastbay, the south bay. finally i found one atmore began hill. there's too much in way of low clouds. you can see the low cloud deck that moves up. there's nothing stop it. yet inland temperatures are cool. it is hard poo support it. but it is -- hard to support
7:41 am
it. a lot of mid-50s everywhere else. san jose 57. the next one is dropping in. so everything is locked in. fog, sun, breezy and windy. we are staying cool com which is all right. >> you are savoring money. there you go. look at the positive. windy for the bay and delta. temperatures though only 78 along with -- that's just really cool. fairfield, -- richmond 62. 64 oakland. bendwood, it is a cool pattern. 78 gill ray. santa clara 70. woodside 67. 56 to the coast and a little warmer toward santa cruz. the morning fog is warmer and a quick cool down moving slowly toward tuesday and wednesday. thank you. it is 19 minutes before 8:00.
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take over bid for a big bay area company, and the offer is coming from one of the biggest shareholders. the dominating conversation across southern california this morning, we will take you live to los angeles where drivers are bracing for what is being called carmagedon.
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7:44 am
clorox is considering an offer to go private. -- it is a 12% premium on yesterday's closing price which is already been boosted by takeover rumors. i just checked clorox is selling at $72.50 up 4 per.
7:45 am
clorox officials say they're considering icon's offer. california beaches are dealing with severe erosion and it may be a sign of things to come. one example is ocean beach in san francisco which has been severely eroded according to the american physical reunion. el nino conditions created monster waves and above average water levels that ate ataway at shorelines. stronger winters with climate change will likely continue to pattern. >> the coastal commission rejected san francisco's emergency repair plan for ocean beach. that plan called for added more boulders to keep the great highway from crumbling into the sea but the coastal commission says the city needs to come up with a long-term solution. time now is 7:45. tonight one of the biggest traffic stories of nation is that the 405 in los angeles will be shut down for a construction project and it is going to stay closed for 53 hours. athat report is gene joining us
7:46 am
live from los angeles on what they're calling carmagedon. how is it? >> reporter: you lived in los angeles. you know 405 is one of busiest highways here and in the country. you can see traffic is flowing just fine. we have no problems to report but come 7:00. that's when the ramps will start shutting down. this is a massive construction project on a scale from 1 to 10, it is like a 20. crews will begin demolling the south side starting at midnight. 4,000 tonsover concrete will be removed during the demolition. to make stlur freeway isn't damaged conscious make sure the freeway isn't damaged they're protecting fallen debris. this is expected to take 53,000s to complete. some 500,000 cars travel on the 405 between the 101 starting at midnight. no traffic will be flowing on that stretch of the 405. it is a 10-mile closure on one of the busiest freeways in the done trivment it is all part of
7:47 am
a billion dollars 405 improvement project that will widen for hvo lanes. at usc transportation expert says this may not be as bad as everyone has been predicting. we have been reporting on this for a couple of months warning our viewers to stay away. this weekend it will be shut down. surface streets will be jammed up as well as freeways. so everyone here, the politicians are saying stay away, go on vacation, stay home whatever you do stay off the freeway. so enough warnings have been sent out. we are hoping that is going to be the case. a traffic expert says a lot of people are scared enough to stay off of the roads. so we will have to just see. it starts o tonight. then we will do it all over tonight in 11 months when they demolish the other side of bridge. but once it is done in two years we will have 48 miles of hov lanes. it will be the largest in the done trivment it will be
7:48 am
something to brag about but not this weekend. something to look forward to. >> it is if final chapter of a franchise. thousands across the country crowded for the eighth and final harry potter movie. we were there at the theater in san jose where some people waited as long as 17 hour to see part two of harry potter and the deathly hallows. according to the los angeles time it made an estimated $45 million even before the doors opened. theaters around the country sold out weeks ago. though there are no more books or movies after the harry potter fans refused to let go. people are still chatting, creating fan fiction, writing their own endings, the gink, the history tuff harry potter family. his ancestors, it is crazy how
7:49 am
creative people with get. >> part two of the deathly hollows could beat the batman film the dark knight. that is more than $158 million in three days. all right. time now is 7:48ment for borders bookstores this weekend could be the end of the story here in the bay area and around the country. the boarders stores in san francisco galleria, santa rosa, they're the only local stores still open. 15 other bay area locations closed after the company filed for bankruptcy in february. but after a deal for a private equity firm to buy the book chain failed, it could shut down all of the remaining stores. that has upset a lot of long- time borders customers. >> it is sad. it is sad because we like to do out and come here and look books. it is very convenient. >> i knew all the people who worked here. it was hard for them.
7:50 am
>> bankruptcy judge has given borders until 5:00 p.m. on sunday to find a new company to buy it. otherwise, a bid from a liquidation company will be accepted. it is 7:49. 56 city workers are set to lose their jobs other the next couple -- over the next couple of week as part of the new budget cuts. many of those receiving lay off notes are responsible for cleaning up public parks and tree cutters. only 588 next year. starting july 2012 in a year, the fire department will close two fire houses per day on a rotating basis. a new study shows the internet is changing the way our brain works. it is called the google effect. we are less likely to remember thing we know we can find online. instead of they say instead of remembering random facts we are
7:51 am
remembering where we can likely find that information easily. they say that does not make humans less smart. they add that it could give our brain more time to be creative and come up with new idea, products and theories. that's an idea. >> it is amazing. the internet is changing how we think. time now 7:50. how the nba lock out is complicating a celebrity tournament. the reason michael jordan had to watch his step in lake tahoe. >> the reason the balloon boy parents and their helium balloon are again getting national attention.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> the time is # 7:53. remember that big balloon that was part of a big hoax. you may remember this balloon it captured the country's attention. a couple in colorado falsely
7:54 am
claimed their son floated away in this balloon. the couple recently put the balloon up for auction. they wanted a million dollars for it. they got $2,500 for it. the money will go to japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. mayor progress -- major progress is being made in the nfl locks. a ten tiff agreement could come within 24 hours. yesterday a ten tiff deal was reached on the major sticking point. team owners are expected to meet next thursday and can could take a rad phi case vote if an agreement is reached. >> round two of the british open is under way. this morning all eyes were on 20-year-old tom lewis. yesterday the young british golfer became the first amateur to share the lead at the british open since 1968. but this morning lewis got two of the first six holes in round two. he has now given up a top spot.
7:55 am
right now north ireland's daron clark is tied but one stroke back at three under. dozens of sports and entertainment stars are in lake tahoe nor the american century celebrity tournament. the action gets underway in about an hour at the edgewood golf course. charles barkley, -- and aaron rogers are just some is of the people competing for a $600,000 prize. last year's winner was former nfl quarterback. former nba star and team owner michael jordan needs to be careful who he played with at this tournament. the journal reports he could face a $1 million fine if he clays with a current player like the nfl they're locked out and are not allowed to communicate with each other. that's going to be tricky. >> yeah. for a million dollars, i don't know if he has that in his pocket. >> another basketball story.
7:56 am
o'neill is now going into broadcasting. >> but that's another story. time now is 7:55. it is friday light out there on the roads; right. >> that's a good way to put it. friday light. i like that. it is near the oakland coliseum is fine, and no back ups. in south bay however, congestion on 237. that's westbound traffic toward sunny dale bumper to bumper. 101 in san jose. also a lot of stop and go on the right hand side there. it appears everything is going well at the moment. all right. last up is the toll bridge plaza. it has let up a little bit. traffic seems to be moving along through there pretty well. 7:56. here is stove. >> thank you. we have a lot of low clouds and fog out there. it is another day, just very similar to what we had on tuesday, wednesday, thursday except minus the fog and drizzle and low clouds. but it is a big fog which means 50s everybody coast bay and inland had mid-40s this morning in the north bay which had
7:57 am
breaks in the clouds, one low moves out and another low drops in. so no change staying cool, cool. windy bay, also out to the delta. afternoon highs inland are well below average, around the coast and bays, 50s and 60s. i don't e coo much of a change. in fact in fig there's another low to reenforce this whole pattern. toward sunday and monday we have some areas that might get low 70s and 80s. but i am not buying into the warm up until i see it or feel it. >> all right. thank you, steve. it is 7:57. it is set to begin at any moment, president other bah pram will -- president obama will be holding a press conference and we will be there live. mark licensed practical nurse close in less than an hour but -- mark will be in court in less than an hour, but why new jersey police say he himself tipped @zinclude/aufful
7:58 am
-- off.
7:59 am
happening right now, president obama holding a news conference to update they e negotiations on raising the u.s. debt ceiling. let's listen in. >> if we do not it could have a
8:00 am
whole set of adverse consequences. we could end up with a situation for example where interest rates rise for everybody all throughout the country. effectively a tack increase on everybody -- tax increase on everybody because suddenly whether you are using your credit card or trying to get a loan for a car or a student loan, businesses that are trying to make payroll, all of them could end up being impacted as a consequence of a default. now, what is important is that even as we raise the debt ceiling, we also solve the problem of underlying debt and deficits. i am glad that congressional leaders don't want to default. but i think the miles per hour people expect more than that -- think the american people expect more that that, they expect we get our fiscal house
8:01 am
in order. so, we have a unique opportunity to do something big. we have a chance to stabilize america's finances for a decade, for 15 years or 20 years. in we are willing to seize the moment. now what that would require would be some shared sacrifice and balanced approach that says we will make significant cuts in domestic spending. i have already said i am willing to take down domestic spending to the lowest percentage of the overall economy since dwightizeen hour. i have said in addition to the 400 billion that we have cut we are willing to look for hundreds of billions more. it would require us taking on health care spending. and that includes looking at medicare and finding ways that we can stabilize the system so that it is available not just for this generation but for
8:02 am
future generations. xerox generations and it would require revenues. it would require even as we are asking the person who needs a student loan tore senior citizen or -- or the senior citizen or people veterans who are trying to get by on a disability check, even as we are trying to make sure all of those programs are affordable we are also saying to folks like myself that can afford it that we are willing and able to do a little more. that millionaires and billion nare can afford to do a little more. we can close corporate loopholes so oil company aren't getting unnecessary tax breaks or that corporate jet owners aren't getting unnecessary tax breaks. if we take that approach then i am confident that we cannot
8:03 am
only impress the financial markets but more importantly we can actually impress the american people that this town can actually get something done once in a while. now, let me acknowledge what everybody understands. it is hard to do a big package. my republican friends have said that they're not willing to do revenues, and they are repeated that -- have repeat that had on several occasions. my hope though is that they're listening not just to lobbiest or r special interests here in washington. but they're also listening to the american people. because it turns out that poll after poll show that the not just democrats who think we a b approach. it is republicans as well. the clear majority of republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should include some revenues. that's not just democrats. that's a majority of
8:04 am
republicans. you've got a whole slew of republican officials from previous administrations. you've got a bipartisan commissioner that has said that we need revenues. so this is not just a democratic understanding. this is an understanding that i think the people american hold that he should not be asking sacrifices from middle class folks who are working hard everyday from the most vulnerable in our society. we shall not be asking them to make sacrifices we are not asking the most fortunate to make sacrifices as well. so i am still pushing for us to achieve a big deal. but what i also said to group is if we can't do the biggest deal possible, then let's still be ambitious. let's still try to at least get a down payment on deficit reduction. and that we can actually
8:05 am
accomplish without huge changes in revenue or significant changes in entitlement. but, we could still send a signal that we are serious about this problem. >> the fall back position. the third option and i think the least attractive option is one in which we raise the debt ceiling but we don't make any progress in deficit. because if we take that approach this issue is going to continue to plague us for months and years to come. and i think it is important for the american people that everybody in this town set politic aside, that everybody in this town set our individual interests aside, and we try to do some tough stuff. and i have, already taken some heat from my party for being willing to compromise. my expectation and hope is that everybody in the coming days is
8:06 am
going to be willing to compromise. the last point and then i will take question. we are obviously running out of time. what i have said to the member of congress is that you need over the next 24 to 36 hours to give me some sense of what your plan is to get the debt ceiling raised through whatever mechanisms they can think about. and show me a plan in term of what you are doing for deficit and debt reduction. if they show me a serious plan i am ready to move even if it requires tough decision on my part. i am hopeful that over the next couple of days we will see this log jam, this log jam broken because the american people i think understandably want to see washington do its job. all right. so with that, let me see who's on the list. we will start with -- >> thank you, mr. president. you have said that it will required shared sacrifices. we know we have an idea of the
8:07 am
taxes you would like to see raised on corporations and on americans in the top 2% tax bracket. but we don't know specifically what you are willing to do when it comes to entitlement spending. in interest of transparency, leadership and offering also, showing the american people that you have been negotiating in good faith, can you tell us one structural reform that you are willing to make to one of these entitlement programs that would have a major impact in the deficit in would you be willing to -- social security or medicare is this. >> we have said that we are willing to look at all of those approaches. i have laid out some criteria in terms of what would be acceptable. so for example i have said very clearly that we should make sure that current beneficiaries as much as possible are not affected. but we should look at what to
8:08 am
do in the out years so that over time some of these programs are more sustainable. i have said that means testing on medicare meaning people like myself, if you know i am going to be turning 50 in a week. so i am starting to think a little bit more about medicare eligibility. [ laughter ] >> the -- yeah i am going to get my aarp card and the discounts. but the -- you can invision a situation where for some in my position me having to pay a little more on premium or copays or things like that would be appropriate. and again that could make a difference. so we have been very clear about where we are willing to do. what we are not willing to do is to restructure the program in the ways that we have seen coming out of the house over
8:09 am
the last several months where we would voucher the program and you potentially have senior citizens paying $6,000 more. i view social security and medicare as the most important social safety nets that we have. i think it is important for them to remain as social insurance program that give people some certainty and reliability in their golden year. but, it turn out that making some modest modifications in those entitlements can save you trillions of dollars. it is not necessary -- doing very well through the medicare program, and although we have
8:10 am
made drugs more available at a cheaper price, we have seen through the affordable -- >> you have been listening to president obama talking about efforts to come up with a reduction plan. again there was no break through in talks yesterday between the congressional leaders. the president said he is really wanting this to be an opportunity to do something big and provide a way to stabilize the economy for a decade but he feels it needs shared sacrifice, cut in spending as well as raising revenues and he seems to feel he says according to polls, most republicans do agree with the concept of raising revenues. but there are some in congress who are refusing to do that so hi said the third option is no steps to reduce the deficit but he said that's not an attractive plan. he said he hopes both sides are willing to compromise. he wants congress to show him a
8:11 am
deficit reduction and debt plan in 24 to 36 hours. republicans do plan a house vote next week on a bill that would cut spending and tie an increase to a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. that vote should happen next week. but it is not expected to pass because of the majority of democrats. so we are again following this. we will have an update coming up shortly on mornings on 2. . >> the time is now 8:11. the man accused of stealing a picasso will be in court at 9:00 the this morning, and now, he's accused of stealing another picasso work of art. ktvu joining us live to explain what is happening as we speak in new jersey. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the new jersey police detective i talked to said he's not sure
8:12 am
if he's quote lacking in intelligence or just brazen. but one thing is clear, there are cases stacking up against him in several states, new york, new jersey and here in california, here in san francisco. let's talk about this case first because we will be in court here at 9:00. i want to show you surveillance video from that case which shows him walking out of a san francisco art gallery. he's accused of taking a 2 thu thousand dollars picasso drawing off the wall of the gallery and walking out. he was arrested earlier this month and put in jail. it was from jail that he made a call to a friend in pennsylvania. police told me this morning that call which was monitored as all are. he told a friend he was sending her friends to his apartment because he wanted her to go in and take things out he didn't want police to find. let's show you a google map of that apartment. they starked out that apartment for a few hours because at that
8:13 am
point they had to phone call and an open case out of new york for a $350,000 picasso was stolen from there. they compared the video and had the added weight of his own phone call: thatat was enough to convince a judge to give them a search warrant and guess what police found when they went in. >> reporter: sure enough, the stolen picasso from the hotel was actually hanging on wall. >> while they were executing they also found other stolen paintings they confiscated. it doesn't end there. we will show you surveillance photos we found this morning from a wine store heist back in april. according to the site, we don't have the pictures for you. but we look t at them this morning and he's accused of stealing two bottle of wine
8:14 am
values at $2,000 each. the list of charges is growing but he has to deal with the ones here first. new jersey police told me this morning he is being held on a $5 million bail here in san francisco. they don't think he's going anywhere. live in san francisco, ktvu channel # news. >> thank you. we want to check on -- things are getting a little lighter on the bay bridge. >> that's right. there are some congestions but not as bad as before. we can't show you pictures of san francisco this morning because it is july. the cameras are -- >> however, traffic looks like it is moving toward the mcare mcare which you are maze but it is slow going. this is southbound 880 just north of davis street. it has been cleared to the right hand shoulder. so traffic should be picking up. all right. let's head over to steve. thank you very much, tara. some breaks in clouds out there. but i just had a nice tweet
8:15 am
from jen. she says it feels like march. >> you know, in march i don't think it was this cool to with honest with you. this is a very cool pattern for us. everything continues to be dominated. one comes in and one replaces it. 50s on the temperatures, low mid, we had mid-40s this morning which we did have breaks but it is filling in now a little bit. it is mostly cloudy for everyone else. there goes the system. look at that another one is dropping down. i am hard pressed to bring in warming. it has to come from the south. it is all in the middle of the country, that's where the heat is. we are locked san bernadino thew pattern which -- locked into this pattern: someme of this is slow to burn off. it is cold out there. it is cold. >> for this time of year. now july on the coast, yeah, but inland when you are only getting 70s. i don't see much change. maybe a little bit warmer but not a lot into the weekend. all right. the time now is 8:15. a close call at a major u.s.
8:16 am
airport investigating a scary runway incident in new england. >> also, what was behind this week's terrifying chase and crash in the east bay. and the block buster deal designed to get the attention of some an nexflix customers.
8:17 am
8:18 am
>> what's that big yellow ball in the sky there's a lot of low cloud, fog and drizzle.
8:19 am
we are looking for partly cloudy skies today. 50s, 60s and 70s. president obama is still taking questions at a news conference regarding the debt ceiling. let's listen in for a bit. >> of who said what, did somebody's feelings get hurt. >> they're interested in solving the budget problem, and the deficit and the debt. and so that may be good for this time. it is not something that folks out in the country are obsessing about. i think with respect to -- it was important for us to it wouldn't have happened if i didn't set up for it. this was originally bipartisan, if i supported it. that seems to be a pattern that i am still -- >> again we are listening to
8:20 am
the president i mentioned earlier that republicans refusing to raise revenue in this debate for deficit reduction. the president said just a few minutes ago structural changes in social security medicare could not affect beneficiaries, he is hoping again that both sides will go back to constituents and come back and reach a compromise within 24 to 36 hours, still though a big challenge facing this debate. >> time is now federal authorities, boston's low logan airport. yesterday an atlantic southeast airline commuter jet. both were on the ground. they were on the tarmac getting ready to take off. the passengers were put on to other flights. now at least one person complained of neck pain. no one else was hurt. investigators are checking the audio tapes. they're questioning the crews,
8:21 am
trying to figure out what happened. >> a 20 -- could soon be a thing of the past. the chronicle reports that the city is in the process of shutting down 17 lounges. several lounges have already received orders to stop their -- service. business owners that don't comply are facing a $500 fine. some say they plan on appealing the order to shut down and will appear at city health department hearings next week. block buster is hoping to lure away nexflix customers who are angry over a price increase to try its service. the struggling retailer will give nexflix customers one month of free dvd blue ray or video game rentals. after that, new customers can rent one disk or game at that time the record $10 or two for $15. they have to prove their nexflix customers by showing a red mailer or e-mail to get the special price. time now is 8:21.
8:22 am
police say this week's high speed chase is connected to a major drug bust. yesterday the police showed the drugs and cash seized in raid that led to the arrest of seven people. now police say they recovered -- along with cocaine and speed with an -- they chased a man believe today be a major drug dealer. it ended with 29-year-old -- plowed into four cars in pleasant hill about 25 miles awe from richmond. one of our ktvu reporters took these pictures of the crash. >> the time is now 8:22. whitey bull gear is still bulger is still behind bars but we are looking at some of the guns and cash he left behind. here are the fbi photos released yesterday.
8:23 am
you can see almost three dozen weapons in the apartment. yet another photo shows the cash he was hiding behind this walls. this is believe today be $800,000 cash. he used mirrors to cover the holes in the walls where he was hiding that money. 8:22. trouble on the strip. the important warning going out to thousands of hotel guests in las vegas. also the national dog fight that involves one bay area city. >> traffic on highway 24 through lafayette looking good. we do have hot spots that we will let you know about.
8:24 am
empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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8:26 am
>> thousand of hotel guests in las vegas may have been exposed to a bacteria that can cause -- contained high levels of the bacteria between june 21st to july 4th. so far no sicknesses have been report. but six people who stayed there between december 2009 to april of 2011 did contract the disease. the hotel has sent letters to guests warning them of their possible exposure. time now 8:26. here at home the city of pacifica wants your help in building a new dog park and all you have to do is click to make
8:27 am
it happen. yes, it is out there. it is a finalist in a national contest to find a place for dogs to play and socialize. the video you are looking at was produced by pacifica for that online competition. the winner of the bark for your park event will get $100,000 to build a new dog park. you can vote by going to our channel 2 web just scroll down to the web links. all right. 8:27 is the time. we want to check in on the commute this morning. hi, tara. >> good morning. we have a look at the bay area bridges this morning where traffic seems to be flowing very well on all of them except for the bay bridge. that should be no surprise. you can see the bay up there as the toll plaza on the upper portion of your screen. it is looking a little foggy but not too bad. same story on the bridge, and the golden gate as well. but it is smooth sailing into san francisco this morning. 8:27 here is steve.
8:28 am
thank you very much. well, a lot of low clouds and fog out there. but there are a few locationings with the sun. there's a few emphasis on that. there's a lot of yea over the banks. you just hear from dennis and diane mitchell. the sun is out. you are one of the few. i will be hon e. most locations, concord and santa rosa said any sun at all. everyone else said cloudy. but fog is increasing. 50s, we had 40s this morning. mid-40s, parts of napa county. those are probably warming up because the low clouds, from the gulf of alaska. that will take the place of the one that just left. it is like a wheel. 50s, 60s and 70s even with the sun it will be a cool breeze a refreshing breeze. night and morning fog maybe slightly warmer in land into sunday. but i don't think any big deal. one more system before real
8:29 am
warming takes place and that is mild to warm. all right. time now is 8:28. she's accused of a crime that shocked the nation. disturbing new developments surrounding this sacramento mother charged with a har identifying crime. >> also today oakland unveiled the latest plan to fight crime, the new electronic eyes focused on the biggest trouble spots. >> and the very last space shuttle mission now down to the final days. what are the astronauts sawing this morning?
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> the time now is 831 the. the city of oakland formally launches a new crime fighting
8:32 am
campaign. the city's district will soon be blanketed with crime cameras. craig. >> reporter: that's right. there's six blocks along international boulevard that are supposed to be completely covered by these cameras. the city will make the official announce. we make the announcement here, the move to buy cameras started after the owner was killed during an attempted robbery. his family prepared to top businessment we spoke with the family's son-in-law. last april the owner was shot and killed as he prepared for day's business. there's a police sketch but so far nobody is in custody. this restaurant like a lot of businesses already have cameras, but the people who we talked to say that one can't have too many cameras. >> i am very happy right now for this cameras. >> what do you think it will do. >> because it is more safety
8:33 am
for the business. >> reporter: he was shot and killed inside the business on april 8thth. he was a popular and respected member. if someone would kill him, it was thought no one was safe. it will be criminals pause. >> i hope he does. i hope it does, once they see themselves on camera and stuff, i think they will think about it twice before coming inside a business. >> later today the mayor will be among those announcing the deal to place 30 cameras inexpied outside of the business. police will have access to these cameras. they will go to businesses that couldn't otherwise afford them. the money is coming from redevelopment agency funds. it will cost about $35,000. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 8:33.
8:34 am
a sacramento woman accused of the microwave death of her boy baby is reportly pregnant again. she appeared in court for arraignment yesterday. she says she does not know what happened because she suffered a seizure and woke up to find her dead baby next to her. her mother says she is prone to seizures and is not the kind of approximate person who could call her daughter. she's due back in court on august 3. a woman is back in jail after turning herself into place for a child abduction. back on may 31st, someone stole a car outside of a morgan hill catholic church. a one month old infant girl was in the backseat. police say that -- police found the car and the baby unharmed several hours later. now the chronicle reports she surrendered to police on monday. the 33-year-old is now facing kidnapping, child endangerment and theft charges.
8:35 am
police are still looking for a second suspect. the new york man who admitted to killing and dismembers an eight-year-old boy is under suicide watch this morning. a judge has ordered the psychiatric e evaluation for him. he appeared in court yesterday on charges of murder and kidnapping but did not enter a plea. police say he abducted 8-year- old libby monday after the child asked for directions while walking home from a day camp. aaron is accused of killing them after he learned people were searching for the missing boy. time is now 8:35. we first report that had story about 90 minutes ago a s.w.a.t team from san francisco took part in a very intense man hunt across the bay in oakland. officers were trying to serve an arrest warrant on a man described as a dangerous criminal. however they couldn't find him after searching a home and surrounding neighborhood. police aren't telling us us yet the name of the man or his
8:36 am
alleged crime. time now is 8:35. this morning oakland police are looking for suspects in two armed robberies. both crimes happened overnight. investigators say a woman was robbed at gun point and a gunman held up two people on 22nd avenue. in each case no one was hurt. still not clear if those two are conduct connected. just a couple of minutes ago another search started for missing nursing student michelle last seen seven weeks ago at the hospital in hayward. the family is organized several serge parties since then hoping to find her still alive. investigators though are treating her disappearance as a homicide. the reward being offered now in this case is at $100,000. and again yet another search is scheduled for tomorrow morning. police are investigating a crude explosive device found on a hold campus. officers were called to the high school yesterday exphorng found what they're calling a
8:37 am
bottle bomb. this is when common chemicals are sealed in a bottle causing the pressure inside to buildup and eventually burst. a neighbor reported hearing a muffled explosion but it has not been determined if the device had been detonated. no one was hurt. san francisco police are searching for two men who threw powder in another man's face while robbing him at gun point. it happened around 11:00 wednesday night near 19th and cap streets in the mission district. police say one of the suspects had a gun and the other flew powder into the 38-year-old victim's eyes. he was knocked to the ground and the suspect took his gun and wallet. they're not life threatening. the time is 8:37. atlantis has repaired a main commuter after it wept off when they were asleep. an awarm went off. a main computer stopped working and he they had to use a back up computerment a similar
8:38 am
problem happened sunday night. new software luds took care of the problems, but engineers are still trying to figure out why those computers failed. astronaut having a busy day. they held a news conference had morning. we will go live -- where she was able to talk to the crew member on board the space shuttle atlantis. good morning. >> reporter: about an hour and a half ago we watched astronauts on that very screen, you can seeing pictures, we were linked visa satellite to ask questions live. rex a st. carlos native says the bay area has a lot to offer future space exploration. >> i think it is the genesis of a lot of the technology. so i think it is playing a very important role from inspiring grade school kids to providing the science we need to do our research here. >> the ten member crew took
8:39 am
questions from reporters across the country this morning the 40 minute session gave us a unique perspective into the mind set of the astronauts from the program. they discussed the future, picking up the flak for nasa left off. the crews last mission focuses on the delivery of a years worth of supplies and spare part but the international space center. they also leave behind experiences some designed here to investigate bone loss and zero gravity on the human body in space. we spoke to a senior advisor here at nasa. >> so for a year or two now we will go up with the russians and -- as then very soon after that we will have the ability for the commercial folks to while nasa concentrates on exploring further out in the solar system. as tore re mentioned i got a chance to ask astronaut rex what he had to say to students this morning. he said dreams do come true.
8:40 am
he never would have guessed as a child he would get to explore in space. president obama will call the crew in about an hour to say hi to the crew. ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. time now is 8:39. we have hot spots out there on the roads. what's going on? >> we are seeing some congestion down in the south bay. 237 you can see traffic is slow going westbound as you make your way toward sunny dale. no delays on 680 near free monte. thaw good news and along the east shore freeway, traffic is picking up. the congestion has eased. so no problems on your way to the mcare mcarthur maze and bay bridge. >> i am happy. friday i am just the messenger, the tweets coming this and e- mails, what is going on, low clouds, drizzle. cool. some people love it. some don't. but we are setting records that
8:41 am
are just unprecedented. palm springs 96. i know that's hot. but that was a record low maximum temperature. they shall be 108. fresno was 85. are you kidding me? record low. maximum temperatures the l kooest highs every. for us below average from 5 to almost 15 to 20 degrees to low overcast. there's drizzle, i had a report sunny breezy, not much change, there could be slight warming but i am not buying into it. cooler than normal but the middle of next week high pressure is easing back but the way things are locked in i am not really sold on it yet. plenty of low clouds in there. they're filling in the only place is on the coast around breaks there, but everywhere else looks to be sold out. we had some 40s this morning, mid-40s in the north bay. a lot of 50s. some areas get the sun. there's a few but look at the fog. that's why live storm tracker 2. there are a couple of breaks but not a lot. everything is west, southwest.
8:42 am
west, west southwest. southwest all to backville. and even in the big valleyment getting a west breeze. you can see that rotate in and then kicks out. look what comes down out of the north another system dropping in. so everything kind of reluds and keeps the pattern locked in place with just subtle changes. 60s and it is cold out there. baby it is cold out there. usually i say that in january or february, not in july. >> 60s and 70s, st. helensa -- 72 in san jose, and morgan hill 77. they were 49 this morning. mountain view, a lot of upper 60s including san carlos, 50s and 60s on the coast, maybe close to 70 for santa cruz but there's a lot of fog out there. so just day-to-day changes maybe slightly warmer in land but not much. all right. thank you, steve.
8:43 am
it is 8:42. another big surprise in the casey anthony case. this one happened in court just hours ago. also, yes, the harry potter movies are ending, but will the magic end too? >> and how much money will the last harry potter movie make? hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
8:44 am
your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv.
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> numbers still in positive tear territory as president obama talking about congress having a unique opportunity to do something big and stabilize the u.s. economy for decades. july consumer sentiment came in the worst since july of 2009. the nasdaq up 16. s&p is up 3. the time now is 8:46 let's get you updated on the top stories right now. i have already taken heat from my party for being willing to compromise. my expectation and hope is that everybody in the coming days will be willing to compromise. >> president obama saying it is time to get the deal done in terms of raising the national debt limit. after five days of they
8:47 am
negotiations, he said meet back to your leaders and report back to me tomorrow morning. the man accused of stealing a drawing from san francisco will appear in court in about 30 minutes from now. 30-year-old mark is also facing more legal trouble. police say they found half a million dollars worth of stolen art work in his apartment including another picasso work of art. >> the new oakland home may soon have to find a new place to live. overnight fire caused major damage to the victorian home near the intersection of 18th avenue. the young wizards movie career is coming to an end. but as harry potter makes the last movie appearance, he is helping the economy. >> theaters around the country
8:48 am
sold out the premier, and now there are more here. joining us now is -- good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> hi, how are you? >> were you up all night? did you watch the premier. >> i wasn't able to watch the premier but i have heard it sold out and that tickets are really hard to come by. >> let's explain for people who don't know you are a big online retailer based in the bay area a, redwood city. >> absolutely. >> is harry potter and other movie memorabilia like transformers making your summer? >> absolutely. we have got a transformers. we have got disney cars 2 and we have got obviously harry potter as well. we have 17,500 items available in our store all made to speck just for you. well, and retailers haven't really done very well obviously as most of us know. we are in still in the recession and recovery mode. online retailers have done a
8:49 am
little bit better than traditional typically. how have you guys faired through this? and is the movie part of it really making the difference? >> well, i think the movie helps. but our growth story is being fantastic from even through the recession, we have been growing 50 to 100% year-over-year. we are happy with where we are. i would lover to show you some harry potter gear. >> what are the hottest items, ipod and iphone covers. >> we have these cases, this is one of the -- iphone cases, and we have got t-shirts, surprisingly -- is the house -- that somehow it is been selling like hot cakes. who knew. >> i imagine you guys are sort of like an amazon a big warehouse shipping items out
8:50 am
around the country. what are the most popular things right now. >> the popular items right now for summer are shirt, gifting items like mugs are always popular and iphone cases, ipad cases are really popular. we have got ipod touches coming out today. so, you can get those too. >> all right. so people want to keep the magic going even after they have left the theater, you can go to sac and pick up that stuff. thank you for joining us this morning. all right. thank you, let's go back to dave and tore re. google could be making facebook nervous as more and more users sign on to the google plus social networking site. it is only two weeks old and google says it already has more than 10 million users and there's a prediction it will have double that number, 20 million in just the next few
8:51 am
days. >> some say local fans could jump ship if they come out with features facebook does not have. today president obama will meet with ruby at the white house. in 1960, bridge was the first african american child to atepid an all-white school in new orleans. this is her on the way to school escorted by federal marshalls. it was put on display outside the oval office. ruby bridges now 56 still lives in new orleans. she travels to schools around the country telling her story to children. dwindle ling populations of the world's top predators can cause big changes in the eco system. a paper in the journal of science site some examples including fewer wolves in south africa which has led to an increase in bah boones and
8:52 am
diseases. in yell yellow stone, wolves were reintroduced. creek side eco systems. one scientist says humans need to realize that large predators are an important part of complex ecological relationships. a volcano in indonesia is -- after three overnight lasts officials say that it remains active and another eruption appears to be imminent. lava was glowing and cascading from the mouth of the crater which set off fires along one slope. more than 30,000 people are being evacuated. so far, there are reports of one fatality, a 56-year-old woman who had a heart attack. time is now 8:52. southern california authorities say they have destroyed the largest ever marijuana plantation. drug agents found this operation last month at the
8:53 am
lass padres. it was at pine mountain. more than 68,000 pot plants were found yesterday. so far no arrests have been made. climate change may one day pose a threat to wine growers in napa. scientists look at wine producing regions in california, oregon and washington state. they said that the warmer temperatures in napa could lead to a loss of land that is suitable for growing grapes. however the wine growers apparently are not worried. they tell the napa valley register that growing techniques can be adjusted to deal with any future climate changes. >> it is 8:53. a surprise -- suing casey anthony for defamation. judge rodriguez recused himself from the case without explanation. he says another judge will now take over the case. gonzalez says casey anthony
8:54 am
ruined her reputation. she has the same name as a fictitious babysitter r who anthony claimed kidnapped her daughter. they want to force anthony to sit for questions before she goes for free on sunday. new developments in the scandal that's threatening the media. the top executive that resigned and the he apologizes
8:55 am
[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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8:57 am
>> it is 8:56. growing -- overnight a top company executive resigned. rebecca brooks oversaw news international the british division of news core. she's leaving because staying would put the company at risk. they closed on sunday after accusations they hacked phones belonging to murder victims, the royal family. the fbi is investigating whether the paper hacked the phones of 9/11 victims. >> new this morning murdoch is issuing a public apology set to be printed this weekend. i realize that simply apologizing is not enough. our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be a positive force in society and we need to live up to this. also british media says they're meeting with the family of a
8:58 am
murdered schoolgirl whose found was hacked by the news of the world. our time is 8:57. let's look at the big congestion problems in the south bay. tara. >> reporter: that's right. we have the earlier accident off 880. it has been cleared but the back up still persists and a new accident has popped up on 101. 8:57 here. thank you, tara. on this friday low clouds, some sun but it is staying cool, 60s coast. 70s around the bay and inland. then just subtle changes into the weekend. warmer the middle of next week. >> that's it for us. thank you very watching, everyone.
8:59 am

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